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Perama Skala
Pontikonisi Corfu
P.C. 49084
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Perama is located on the eastern side of Corfu , about seven kilometers south of Corfu Town, just opposite the Pontikonisi and connected to the Kanoni with a footbridge .
The haven of Gastouri as most properties here belong to the inhabitants of this mountainous village.
The region covers an area of about 5 km. Along the highway, starting from Chrisida and Walnut area 5 km. From Corfu and reaches the Bridge Kaiser 2 km from Benitses.
Kaiser Bridge linking the pier with a small road until the Achillion Palace, built by the last private owner of Achilles, the German royal family in the early 20th century, blown up again by the Germans during the German occupation, to be pass beneath their military vehicles!
Perama is a popular seaside resort for many decades, especially during the 80s and 90s, today, the region still has a lot of hotels and accommodation, surrounded by olive trees and has many beautiful beaches with pebbles.
Most visitors to Corfu passed from Perama, although now living there are far fewer than in the 80s.
Located between Corfu and Benitses and many of the hotels and bars overlook the most photographed attraction Pontikonisi. Residents may try to convince you that this island was the ship of Odysseus says mythology turned to stone - though there is another island off the west coast of Corfu, which claims the same thing! As course anyway the island is beautiful, with a small church on top, which are often weddings and christenings.
Motivated people can swim to the island, but boats can also be rented.
Beside Pontikonisi looks and the monastery of Vlacherna. Also, some restaurants and bars over the bridge to the rules are the best places to watch one landings and takeoffs of aircraft to and from Corfu airport.
In the pedestrian bridge linking Perama to Kanoni are usually fishermen throwing their nets into the sea or lagoon, motorcyclists looking for a short detour to the town of Corfu and plane spotters because the end of the runway is only a few meters away.
Although relatively busy is a popular place to stroll in the evening.
Provides quick access to the town of Corfu, without having to go around the airport perimeter, you can either walk the entire way to town (about 30 minutes ) or take another bus from the cannon.
Under the bridge is a vital conduit 1850 carrying water from the hills above Benitses in Corfu Town.

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